Ausbildung in Germany

What is Apprenticeship or Ausbildung in Germany?

Ausbildung or Duale Ausbildung in Germany is a vocational training program or apprenticeship. It is an educational system that combines theoretical learning and practical training, according to the profession of the applicant, which can last for a duration of 2-4 years. It starts every year on 1 August.


What are the Benefits of Ausbildung in Germany?

The advantages of Ausbildung in Germany are:

Monthly salary/stipend: You will receive a monthly salary along with other incentives.

Work Opportunities: After completion of the training, the trainee is entitled to work in Germany as a qualified skilled worker.

Permanent Residence in Germany: After your training, as a qualified skilled worker, you are eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany.

German company employment: As an under-training employee, you can work with a German company. It entitles you to all the rights and obligations of an employee of German origin.

Chances to get permanent employment: Good performance during Ausbildung in Germany can open opportunities for you. You can get hired by your training company or any other company in Germany.

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What are the Prerequisites for Ausbildung in Germany?

The prerequisites that you must fulfill to qualify for Ausbildung are:

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German Language Proficiency of at least B1 level.

Some programs also demand a B2 level of proficiency.

A minimum of 12 years of formal education is mandatory.

A minimum age of 16 years.

What is the Process to prepare for Ausbildung in Germany?

To apply for Apprenticeship or Ausbildung in Germany follow the mentioned steps:

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Decide on your field of study and the Federal State you wish to work in.

Learn the German Language.

Apply for Ausbildung jobs.

Prepare your documents.

Get your documents recognized.

Attend interviews.

Apply for a Visa and attend the interview.

Fly to Germany.


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What are the documents required for an Apprenticeship or Ausbildung in Germany?

You need a National Visa with the following documents:

ausbildung in germany passport

A valid passport (issued within the last 10 years and with at least 12 months of validity left).

3 passport pictures according to biometric specifications.

1 copy of your passport’s data page (A4 size copy).

Motivation letter.

Training contract (“Ausbildungsvertrag”) signed by the German employer and the employee if applicable with IHK recognition.

ausbildung in germany cv

Training plan (“Ausbildungsplan”).

Pre-approval by the Federal Employment Agency (Pre-approval by the Federal Employment Agency is not mandatory. It can however shorten the time to process your application significantly).

Personal CV containing full education and employment history.

Academic qualification or school leaving certificate.

Certificate about compulsory health insurance.

ausbildung in germany requirements

If the training is done entirely in school facilities and the salary is less than 903€.


If the training is done in in-firm facilities (+ Berufsschule) and the salary is less than 927€,

The financing gap must be closed with:

A blocked account.

“Verpflichtungserklärung” by a sponsor in Germany.

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Certificate of German language skills (at least B1).


Confirmation of school facility/employer that language skills were checked and found sufficient.


Confirmation of preparatory language class.

(Gesetzliche oder private Krankenversicherung) from a German employer valid from the date of employment.

Please note: If not already included in the compulsory health insurance a separate travel health insurance has to be presented for the time frame from arrival in Germany until the beginning of employment.

How do you get your Certificates Recognized?

To check the equivalency of your degree, you must check if it is recognized in Germany before applying for your visa. You can check the Anabin database to see if your degree is accepted in Germany. You may also be required to submit a Statement of Comparability.

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Who can do ‘vocational training’ in Germany?

Foreigners from any country are eligible for vocational training in Germany. The typical age for vocational training in Germany is up to 30 years, mostly between 16 and 25 years. However, one might apply even with higher ages.

What is the duration of vocational training in Germany?

The duration of Vocational Training in Germany is generally between 2 to 4 years. It involves

training partly within the hiring company by practical work and partly in a special trade school in the form of theory. Lessons will be held in German only – therefore you need German skills on level B1. During the training in Germany, you will be employed by a German company with a German contract providing the same rights and obligations as German nationals.

Does vocational training provide a job guarantee?

With vocational training in Germany, foreign applicants receive a German qualification as a

skilled worker. Chances are high that you may get hired permanently in the company of your vocational training. This also offers foreigners the opportunity to settle in Germany legally. Around 5,00,000 positions for Ausbildung are opened yearly. Applicants from all over the world have high chances of finding employment.

How much do I earn during vocational training in Germany?

The salary ranges from 800 to 1,200 Euros per month, depending largely on the employer, the region of employment, and the curriculum vitae. Some employers also offer additional support such as free tickets or financial support for your accommodation.

Can I start vocational training in Germany without speaking German?

No, German Proficiency of level B1 level is required before you can start.

Is Ausbildung in Germany recognized in other countries?

Yes, the educational system of Germany is globally recognized.

Is Ausbildung a degree?

No, it is a professional skill certification/diploma.

Can my family join me during Ausbildung in Germany?

It is a possibility. Several employers allow and support it based on the requirements and consequences of the process.

How many professions are eligible for vocational training?

Around 300 plus professions require skills training in Germany.

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